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Paterson Insurance Broking began in November 2018, after several of Principal Karen Paterson’s clients recommended she start her own business. “It wasn’t really my plan to go out on my own, but I’d developed a loyal following of clients who encouraged me to do it. When you do the right thing by your customers, they keep coming back – and referring you to others!”


We work with a wide variety of clients, specialising in businesses in the construction, earthmoving and plant and equipment field.


Thanks to Karen’s reputation for providing sound, trustworthy insurance advice and an honest, upfront approach to dealing with people, Paterson Insurance Broking is growing. They now have a small team of experienced insurance professionals, all dedicated to ensuring their business clients have cover to suit their needs and risk profile. With our team’s combined claims management experience of more than 60 years, we are especially good at ensuring clients get everything they’re entitled to if a claim is made.

Karen has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years, staring straight out of high school. “Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve worked in insurance roles. I started in New Zealand, where I’m from, and continued when I moved to Australia with my husband in 1989. I’ve been a claims manager, managed a team of over 100 staff, and worked in Sydney as a national assessment manager.”


Karen shifted to the Sunshine Coast 15 years ago and managed local brokerage offices before starting Paterson Insurance Broking. The thing she loves most about insurance is working with people. “Insurance is a good fit for me as it helps people, particularly during the worst times of their life.”


The best thing about starting Paterson Insurance Broking has been establishing her team. “I brought together a group of people who’ve never worked together before. I am so proud to see how well they work together and support each other as a cohesive unit.”

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When she’s not at work, Karen loves to bake. “It’s how I switch my mind from work mode to relaxation mode. Baking is one of the hottest conversation topics in our office. One of the team even has a ‘cake clause’ in their employment contract. Under the terms, I have to supply a home-baked cake every Monday! Interestingly, many clients seem to drop into our office on Mondays now!”


Karen also enjoys travelling around Australia to see her clients and returning to New Zealand when she can to visit friends and family.


If you need commercial insurance with advice from an experienced, trusted team who’ve got your back, Paterson Insurance Broking would love to help.

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